About OpenForms

Drag and drop interface

Drag and drop fields to create beautiful and easy to use online forms.

From simple fields like text boxes and radio buttons, through to address, document, calculation and digital signature fields, OpenForms makes building online forms easier than ever.

Smart logic that's easy to use

Combined with field rules that show or hide fields and form sections based on users previous answers, OpenForms empowers anyone to digitise sophisticated requests, payments and business processes without any coding skills.

Complete when convenient

OpenForms provides a secure online channel for accepting customer submissions at any time of the day or night. If users don’t have the information they need or encounter a hurdle, with just one click they can save their progress and email themselves a link to remember to finish it later.


Our digital forms can be completed by users of all abilities. OpenForms adheres to strict accessibility guidelines and best practices, for example, ensuring that each data field has an associated label to improve comprehension. To make certain that our visual design is as user-friendly as possible, SmartForms is re-evaluated by Vision Australia for ‘AA’ accessibility compliance every six months.

Data sovereignty

Your customers need to trust that their data is in safe hands. Research shows that 35% of Australians would withhold personal information if they knew that a website was not based in Australia. All data is stored in our secure Australian Data Centres to guarantee that your data remains in Australia and that you are compliant with data sovereignty laws.

All devices and browsers

OpenForms can be completed on all popular devices and browsers, and they will continue to adapt as technology evolves in future. All of OpenForms functionality and smart-fields will be maintained for cross-browser compatibility, mobile friendliness and accessibility compliance at no extra cost. For subscription costs download this flyer: OpenForms_Subscription.pdf